Why we started JustPaid.

Companies lack operational insights. We exist to change that.

We’re more than just a data platform

We’re a financial platform that helps companies control their spend and gives them financial oversight. We help our customers make, receive and track payments, understand their finances with analytics and identify opportunities, all powered by AI.

Our story

Founders should have real-time visibility into revenue

Many founders run their businesses on instinct without much financial support. My biggest frustration is seeing all of the inefficiencies founders have to deal with when running their company. We envisioned changing that. Imagine if ChatGPT had a baby with Quickbooks; that is what we are building, also offering an AI accounts receivable agent to make sure you're collecting revenue on time.

Daniel, CEO

Cofounder & Former COO of DrChrono, YC 2010

In my accounting life, I was struggling with the lack of workflow.

There are so many software options in accounting I often found that I had to piece data together, relying on third-party integration tools, hoping that data is correct when connecting all of the software together. I wasted hours of billable time working on revenue recognition. I sent endless emails to collect payments  along with so many other repetitive tasks. Hours that could have been spent on productive work.

Anelya, CPO

Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm Owner

I want startups to make insightful business decisions.

My background is in building scalable web and billing apps. With a Bachelor's and a Master’s in Computer Science, my passion for creating an AI Financial platform is driven by experience in startups. I saw startups make uninformed financial decisions and I wanted to help change this. Startups now can get real-time metrics and revenue insights unlike ever before.

Vinay, CTO

10 Years in Financial Engineering

Backed by leading investors

Christina Brodbeck
YouTube Founding Team
Matt Cutts
Formerly at Google
Jack Abraham
Founder & Managing Partner Atomic
Josh Buckley
Former CEO at Product Hunt
Leah Culver
Building Twitter Spaces
Arash Ferdowsi
Former CTO/Dropbox cofounder