Winner for the 2023 Merit Awards

Out of 1,000's of applicants, JustPaid was selected as a winner for the 2023 Merit Awards and will be featured in the Technology category for Operations!

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The list, which was compiled by a panel of leading figures from within the industry, puts a spotlight on innovative and disruptive firms in the sector, after a year of breakthroughs, growth plans and scale-ups.

"JustPaid hopes that GPTs will eventually be powerful enough to accept connections to bank accounts and financial software, which would mean a more powerful tool."

Salesforce, the software used to manage customer relationships, now has the ability to have sales contracts synced to the JustPaid platform, utilizing the proprietary JustPaid AI technology to review sales contracts, generate invoices, and bill customers.

The emergent alignment of end-to-end accounting processes with generative artificial intelligence tools is expanding the capacity of CFOs and finance departments to do more with less.

We built a GPT that helps make sure you understand your financials. Using Brex, Mercury, Stripe, Chase, Quickbooks, Bill or any US banks? Our GPT connects to all of them.

Daniel Kivatinos and Vinay Pinnaka (CEO and CTO of JustPaid) had the opportunity to speak at the 2023 1BusinessWorld Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference with Melissa Ashley as host of the event. We want to thank the 1BuinessWorld team for the opportunity and invite everyone to listen to this very thought-provoking talk.

Serial entrepreneurs find that one company’s experience creates opportunities for a second endeavor. That’s what happened to Anelya Grant, who founded AG Accounting offering back-office support for tech startups. She learned startups’ revenue management is anything but smooth, which led to the creation of JustPaid.

Product hunt launch

07/15/2023 is the AI automated, AP & AR solution for all businesses. Built from the ground up by experienced founders who dealt with financial uncertainty, we want to make sure that you don't have to go through the common tribulations that nearly every company encounters as you scale and grow.

"JustPaid, a startup developing AI-based financial tools for startups and small- and medium-sized businesses, has raised $3.5 million in a seed funding round, and announced the launch of a suite of services."

YC Deal


Are you scaling and growing but not ready to spend more money to hire more people to handle manual workflows around painful A/R and A/P management? Get our YC deal “feedback plan”, which is free for a year for YC founders!


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