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Bookface Launch

02/20/2023 (Loopfour) - Spend confidently with smart financial tools: Automatically check bills and bank charges against contractual pricing from vendors to ensure there are no billing errors.

YC Deal


Are you scaling and growing but not ready to spend more money to hire more people to handle manual workflows around painful A/R and A/P management? Get our YC deal “feedback plan”, which is free for a year for YC founders!

Product Hunt

Expected: 07/15/2023 is the AI automated, AP & AR solution for all businesses. Built from the ground up by experienced founders who dealt with financial uncertainty, we want to make sure that you don't have to go through the common tribulations that nearly every company encounters as you scale and grow.

Hacker News Launch

Expected: -

JustPaid eliminates the confusion between multiple sources of truth and contract management systems which is invaluable to YC founders who likely are currently enduring this.

Meet the founders

Daniel Kivatinos

Daniel is an entrepreneur and investor living in Silicon Valley, California. He recently this year exited his last startup DrChrono, which according to Y Combinator, was in the top 1% of YC exited companies.

Under Daniel, as co-founder and COO, DrChrono scaled from a few users to thousands of customers, with over 4% of patients under the care of the software platform. Daniel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Some highlights: Daniel won the 40 under 40 awards from Stony Brook University, was invited to the White House to work on healthcare initiatives during the Obama administration and partnered with Apple on several projects when at DrChrono.

Vinay Datta Pinnaka

Vinay is a software engineer living in Silicon Valley. He has a Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Vinay has worked on complex software systems big and small, from companies like Cerner to startups like DrChrono and Invitae. He has experience working in accounting-like systems flows.

Anelya Grant Janssen

Anelya is passionate about startups and accounting. In 2011 She started a white- glove accounting company to support early-stage startups through the YCombinator network with a focus on daily operations, monthly financial reporting, and financial projections.

Fostering close relationships with the founders, she was involved with sales teams, C-level execs, and department leads to build and manage the budgets, control the expenses, and use the sales contracts to build the financial forecasting for the revenue pipeline.

Anelya got to work with companies from pre-seed through Series D and post- acquisition.


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