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JustPaid, AI-Powered Startup, to launch game-changing GPT App in OpenAI's GPT Store.

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JustPaid, the AI-Powered FinTech company that specializes in helping businesses with automated no code billing solutions, contract validation, and more - commits to launch a GPT App in OpenAI's GPT Store, with the goal of becoming a companies new best friend for business finance operations insights.



JustPaid, a startup developing AI-based financial tools for startups and small- and medium-sized businesses, has raised $3.5 million in a seed funding round, and announced the launch of a suite of services



JustPaid is a financial management platform designed to empower businesses by providing improved understanding and control of their financials, thus enabling them to make well-informed decisions for growth.

Daniel Kivatinos of JustPaid On 5 Things You Need To Succeed In The Modern World Of Finance & Fintech. An Interview With Jason Hartman.



A new member of online payment systems has arrived. JustPaid – a new platform financially supported by Reddit’s and Dropbox co-founders among others – is an AI-enhanced platform for SMBs to receive and track payments, access data analytics, and “identify opportunities supported by AI,” the company’s press release detailed.

A new Paradigm? The crypto VC fund insists it’s not pivoting to A.I., but some investors and founders are frustrated


06/28/2023 is the AI automated, AP & AR solution for all businesses. Built from the ground up by experienced founders who dealt with financial uncertainty, we want to make sure that you don't have to go through the common tribulations that nearly every company encounters as you scale and grow.



Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered finance company JustPaid has debuted its product suite after raising $3.5 million.

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