Automated flow from contract to invoice

JustPaid carefully manages your invoices according to your customer contracts

JustPaid takes care of your accounts receivable

JustPaid’s accounts receivable flow is designed to help you focus on running your business with a fully automated process. After you upload a signed sales contract to the platform, JustPaid automatically creates invoices by reading the terms of your customer contracts, no matter how complex the billing parameters are. From usage to custom tier to straightforward item billing, JustPaid has you covered.

How it works

JustPaid carefully parses the terms of your customer contracts

You can either upload your contracts to JustPaid or simply forward the document to your dedicated JustPaid email address.

JustPaid reads the information and lets you know when it is ready for your review.

Create new plans and edit the plan items

If your product is subscription based, you can create and edit your product’s plans, define the pricing models and see the billed amount.

It is also possible to add new plans and plan items in the contract creation flow. They will be synced with your QBO accounts.

Invoices with your branding are ready to send

Once you review, edit and accept your contracts, JustPaid creates invoices with your branding.

When the invoices are marked as “ready to send”, JustPaid automatically sends your invoices to your customers - even if they are recurring ones!

JustPaid is synced with Stripe

Based on your preferences, JustPaid manages records of your customer data and invoices, while processing them.

Upon your request, all your customer data and invoicing processes will be managed by JustPaid, and synchronized daily to your accounting database.

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