Centralized end-to-end bill payment process

With JustPaid you will always be paying what you agreed to

No need to manually validate your bills with your vendor contracts

Bill payment process for JustPaid starts when receiving your bills, and continues until the synchronization with your accounting software is complete. Each step throughout the process has been carefully curated in order to give you full control over your vendor payments.

How it works

JustPaid reads uploaded bills and vendor contracts.

You can upload your bills and vendor contracts through multiple options, such as the JustPaid platform, or easily forward the document to your dedicated JustPaid bill and contract email.

JustPaid parses the information and instantly saves the bill and contract records for each vendor in JustPaid and your Accounting database.

Automatically verify the bills against the vendor contract.

You can get bills directly from your vendors to your dedicated JustPaid email address without worrying about the validation.

Everytime JustPaid receives a bill, we automatically verify it against the terms agreed to in the vendor contract such as rates, dates, banking details, etc… to ensure you are paying according to the terms.

Easy approval, payment schedule and even partial payments.

JustPaid will notify your assigned team to approve a new bill.

Approved bills are scheduled for payment via ACH, Digital Check or Check at a date of your choosing, even partially, with just one click.

Bills are tracked and synced directly with your accounting solution.

Once you have integrated your accounting software to JustPaid, the bill payment information will bi-directionally sync, inclusive of PDF attachments, categorization and vendor details.

We support QuickBooks Online, Sage, Xero and Netsuite.

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