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Welcome to the era of a new payments experiences through a better API, start building today.


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Seamlessly blend digital payments right into your apps. Take and make payments.

Our API enables the JustPaid platform to be leveraged within your app exchange data, providing webhooks, AI functionality, creating an elegant experience for your customers

It allows merchants and other businesses to easily create customer profiles, process payments, and manage customer communications directly within their own systems. Check our documentation here

Seamlessly integrate our secure and reliable solutions into your applications.

How it works

The API provides a simple and secure way to save customer details, bank account information, and process both one-time and recurring payments. It handles the full payment workflow from tokenization to processing to notifications. Merchants can focus on their business while we handle the complexities of payment processing in the background.

Get your API key!

Once your JustPaid account is up and running, you can reach out to api@justpaid.io to get your personalized key generated and activated.

Create customer profiles

When JustPaid's API is active on your current software, you can start creating and linking your existing and new customers to JustPaid!

Add important information such as customer's individual IDs, names, and emails.

Manage your invoice payments

As we enrich our API features, we want to make sure you're able to use JustPaid to collect payments while keeping all your finances in one place.

We also facilitate important communications like receipts and notifications

Your sensitive data is always protected

JustPaid.io built the API with security, reliability and flexibility in mind. Businesses can integrate it with just a few lines of code and start accepting payments right away.

Authentication and error handling ensure all transactions are fully protected.

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