Game changing GPT App in OpenAI’s GPT Store

Your company’s new best friend for business finance operations insights

The AI financial copilot GPT App

JustPaid, an AI-Powered FinTech company that specializes in helping businesses with automated no code billing solutions, contract validation, and more - commits to launch a GPT App in OpenAI’s GPT Store, with the goal of becoming a companies new best friend for business finance operations insights.

The JustPaid GPT App will link businesses accounting software, banks and credit cards with the OpenAI-AI technology, allowing ChatGPT Plus users to ask questions like “Show me the P&L for Q1 2023”, “What’s my burn rate?“, “Show me the cashflow report from Q2 2023”, “What is my revenue through Stripe?” and other finance questions. With access 24/7 giving immediate turnaround time, the GPT App provides responses that will be a game changer for businesses, who will now have a wealth of financial knowledge at their fingertips to be able to make insightful decisions.

The AI Financial Copilot brings together financial information from different sources into one place. Think of it as having a friendly chat with an expert who can answer all company finance-related questions in a simple, easy-to-understand way. The GPT App can also determine your company’s KPIs, how much money you have for future plans, your earnings, churn, etc. It’s designed to give businesses quick, clear updates on their financial health, making critical decisions fast. It’s a financial copilot for companies, ready to help navigate any financial complexities.

“We’re sitting at the forefront of an exciting development in AI, and OpenAI’s user-friendly platform has been the creme de la creme of AI development for software engineers like us,” says Vinay Pinnaka, Co-Founder of JustPaid, who is leading the AI efforts for this launch.

“The world is changing and AI is making a big impact, saving everyone time,” says Anelya Grant, Co-Founder of JustPaid. “I’m excited to see how AI is being applied in finance and business. We are aiming to democratize mundane business tasks with our financial AI copilot.”

“This offering comes at such an exciting time, with our goal to launch one of the first GPT Apps on the OpenAI GPT Store in the business category. This is the equivalent of having an iPhone app launching the day the iPhone App Store launched,” says Daniel Kivatinos, Co-Founder of JustPaid. “As second-time founders, we wanted to build something we wish we had. We built a GPT App that helps make sure you understand your finances. Using Stripe, Quickbooks, or a U.S. bank? Our GPT App unifies all of them where you can ask finance questions.”

There are three ways to access the JustPaid GPT: the first is through OpenAI’s GPT Store, which is coming soon, the second is through this link, which loads the GPT App directly into a user’s ChatGPT Plus account, and the third option is to go outside of the ChatGPT interface, through the JustPaid platform.

For more on JustPaid and the Finance GPT App, visit:, and follow along on YouTube.

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