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Boost Your Revenue with JustPaid

January 9, 2024

Think of JustPaid as your automated revenue buddy. It streamlines your billing and collection, right from the second you sign that sales order.

Are you seeking ways to enhance your revenue streams? Exploring strategies can amplify your income and drive sustained growth. And JustPaid might be the right approach for you, here's how:

What is JustPaid?

Think of JustPaid as your automated revenue buddy. It streamlines your billing and collection, right from the second you sign that sales order.

JustPaid helps companies reduce the Cost of Revenue by migrating from the non-flexible legacy gateway platforms that charge a percentage of their revenue. This is a full cycle revenue management with a fixed monthly fee, with clear revenue tracking reporting, and built-in automation for the past due collections.

And how is JustPaid going to help me archive that?

  • No More Complex Coding: Your tech team can breathe! No more time wasted crafting billing solutions.
  • All-in-One System: Send us your sales contracts. Our smart AI goes through them, understands the billing details, and gets everything set up. All you need to do? Just a quick review and approval.
  • Fast and Simple Invoicing: Whether you've got straightforward item bills or intricate usage bills, we've got it sorted. Plus, we'll ping you when you need to upload any billing metrics.
  • Easy Payments: From ACH to checks to wire transfers, we handle all. In just a week, your bank account sees those lovely deposits from customers.

Get all the features you want from multiple softwares in just one! Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Revenue Collection, Customer Invoicing, an AI chatbot, and so much more, all personalized to your needs.

A Glimpse at Our Workflow:

  1. Sales Order: Once it's signed, just email the PDF to our dedicated email.
  2. Our AI Magic: We parse the sales order, create customer records, and set the billing plan and frequency.
  3. You're in Control: Just one login from you or your team to validate the data.
  4. Invoices & Payments: We craft the invoice, email it with a special payment link, and voila! Payments head straight to your account.
  5. Never Miss a Payment: Soon, we'll also alert you if there's a past due invoice and handle communication with the customer for you.
  6. Smooth Migration: Got Stripe? You're in luck! Seamlessly bring in all your customer and plan data.

Moving from platforms like Bill.com and Stripe would never be more easy. We understand the frustration firsthand from working softwares that have a big learning curve, bad customer support, limited payment methods, and even integration complexity. We are here to make a smooth transition and an even smoother experience while using JustPaid

On top of all of these, there are even more sweet benefits of using JustPaid, check them out:

  • All Your Money Stays Yours: We don't slice a percentage from your revenue.
  • Always Updated: Real-time and accurate data on what you're owed.
  • Relax, We Collect: Our automated systems ensure you get every penny you’re owed.

Keen to amplify your revenue and simplify billing? JustPaid is here for you!


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