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JustPaid's Accounts Receivable Process vs. Competitors

November 2, 2023

We know the current market has favorites, but we're here to discuss how JustPaid compares to some of those, such as Bill, QBO, and Stripe when it comes to Account Receivables.

And the truth is, this isn't the only customer you have to follow up on the invoice. Sending a friendly nudge and getting a status update is so helpful to know when you plan your next steps in the hiring process, paying large bills, and managing cash flow.

What are the next steps?

Move away from the Google Sheets to collaborate on the collections, simply review the A/R aging balance on JustPaid dashboard and allow us to start a collection on your behalf.

With the access to your sales contracts, we do automatic reminders to your customers with the payment link, we generate W9 forms if requested, and we follow up on the approval status and payment timeline.

If emails go unanswered it's our job to call your customers and inquire about the invoice, so don't you worry about that.

The most common reason for overdue invoices is oversight. With JustPaid's automated reminders, we proactively notify your customers five days before the due date, on the due date, and ten days after it's past due.

Once we receive a response from an engaged customer, we promptly update the payment status along with our notes. We also keep you informed with weekly reports and soon through the JustPaid dashboard.

Say goodbye to those awkward phone calls and emails – delegate the task to our automated service for a small fee and watch past-due payments flow into your business effortlessly.
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