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Our Brand New JustPaid GPT App!

December 3, 2023

Dive into the exciting world of JustPaid's GPT app, a groundbreaking tool transforming financial management. Discover the ease of integrating your bank accounts, QuickBooks, and Stripe for a comprehensive financial overview. With real-time reports, vibrant graphs, and instant insights, managing finances becomes an engaging experience. Join the revolution!

Welcome, everyone!

Just Paid is thrilled to introduce our brand new GPT app to the JustPaid Store on OpenAI's ChatGPT. This app is designed to enhance your user experience and provide you with even more functionality when using Just Paid. Keep reading to learn more about how to access the app and the incredible features it offers!

Our App is a revolutionary addition to the JustPaid ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating your bank accounts, QuickBooks, and Stripe, you can leverage the power of GPT technology to gain valuable insights and answers to your financial queries. Whether you need detailed reports, visual representations, or subscription information, the GPT app has got you covered.

Accessing the GPT App

In order to gain access to the GPT app, you will need to follow a few simple steps. First, you can schedule a demo with Danny, one of our team members. Once you have scheduled the demo, Danny will enable your account, granting you access to the app. It's that easy!

Linking Your Bank Accounts

Once you have access to your Just Paid account, it's recommended that you link your bank accounts. Whether you use Mercury, Brex, Chase, or any other bank, you can connect your account to Just Paid. This allows our AI to pull your financial data, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what's happening with your accounts.

Additionally, if you use QuickBooks, we highly recommend linking it to your Just Paid account as well. By doing so, you can further streamline your financial insights and have all your data conveniently accessible in one place.

For those of you who use Stripe, you can also connect your Stripe account to Just Paid. This integration enables you to leverage the power of your financial data alongside your Just Paid account, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience.

Using the GPT App

Before we start, it is important to notice you need a GPT Plus account to make use of this and many other GPT Apps in the market. With that settled, once you have linked your accounts and set everything up, it's time to start using the GPT app. We will send you a unique link that you can click on to load the GPT app into your Just Paid account. Within the app, you will find a wide range of capabilities that allow you to interact with your financial data like never before.

Exploring the app, you will notice a dedicated section for the Just Paid AI. This is where the magic happens! By utilizing the power of GPT technology, our AI can provide you with valuable insights and answers to your financial questions.

Real-time Financial Insights

Imagine being able to ask for a profit and loss (P&L) report for a specific quarter, and within seconds, receive a detailed breakdown of your financial performance. That's exactly what the GPT app offers.

In the example shown in the app, the user asked for a P&L report for Q3 2023. Initially, there was an issue with the connection to QuickBooks, but after clicking the provided link and connecting the account, the request was made again. This time, the app swiftly generated a comprehensive P&L report.

But the GPT app doesn't stop there. It goes above and beyond by presenting the data in a visual format as well. With a simple request, the app can create visual graphs and charts, providing you with a clear representation of your financial trends and performance.

For businesses using Stripe, the integration with Just Paid is a game-changer. You can easily inquire about the number of subscriptions you have and receive instant answers. The process is seamless and intuitive.

Join the waitlist! Many users have already signed up and are experiencing its benefits. However, we are always looking to gather more feedback and improve the app further. If you are as excited as we are and want to join the waiting list, it's a simple process. Just schedule a demo with Danny and let him know you want to be part of the waiting list. Danny will send you a secret link that will grant you access to the GPT app, and then you're ready to explore all its incredible features.

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